WERKshops & Speaking Engagements

Dance is a powerful tool for structural and personal change. Our WERKshops tackle the necessary body and mind WERK that is integral to a holistic movement for peace and social justice. 


WERKshops We Offer

Social Movement

Our bodies are ascribed with social and political narratives, and these narratives govern the way we move through space. Social Movement is a dance intensive WERKshop designed to explore social change from the lens of dance and challenge the social and political narratives ascribed to our bodies. This WERKshop gives participants a means to get into their bodies and explore not only what social justice looks like through their own unique expression, but also how it manifests through introspective movement and how it feels.   

Organize the Resisdance

Dance protests can be very challenging to organize when first starting. Luckily, this isn't our first rodeo. Organize the ResisDance gives participants the tools and guidance they need to successfully and rapidly organize a dance protest that adheres to our core tenants of intersectionality, sustainability, and peace. This WERKshop serves as a crash-course of sorts on how to plan a dance protest from A-Z and all the considerations that come along with planning.


Speaking Engagements

We welcome invitations from organizations, colleges and universities, movements, and other institutions to speak at events or hold talks on dance protest and, more broadly, art and its intersections with social justice. We have pioneered a shift in the contemporary protest paradigm, and we would be honored to share that journey with you. Contact us to book us today.  


The dance revolution is here. 

We look forward to sharing in this journey together. We have the power to create change - both reflected in our own selves and projected out into the streets. Get in touch to WERK together today.