A queer and trans grassroots movement using all forms of dance to promote peace. 


We are here. We are queer.
We are trans. We will dance.

Founded in response to the 2016 pulse nightclub shooting, WERK for Peace brings the dance floor to the streets to protest egregious social injustices. We create space for radical celebration of our bodies, community, and vision for justice, and strive to reflect intersectionality, sustainability, and peace in every aspect of our work. We have organized 12 dance protests with thousands of participants, and have gone viral several times doing so.


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So what's the hype about?

WERK for Peace runs several programs to keep the music going. 

Dance Protests

Our protests are like no other – hip-shaking, fist-pumping, ass-twerking, head-thumping dancing! But lets get real, we don’t just dance – we WERK. We’ve protested around a number of intersectional issues, including the Muslim Ban, climate justice, healthcare, sexual violence and consent, and more, covering the streets with biodegradable confetti and letting the world know that #WeAreHere and #WeWillDance.

WERKshops and Speaking Engagements

Our protests bring the heat, and our WERKshops create change behind the scenes for all individuals who cant make it out into the streets for whatever reason. We run two WERKshops for queer and trans communities across the country. Social Movement explores social change from the lens of dance and Organize the ResisDance teaches participants how to rapidly organize effective dance protests. We also offer speaking engagements about our WERK.