Giant Dance Protest at White House to Celebrate the Lives of Trans Youth and Trans People of Color


#WeAreHere and we're not going anywhere.

WASHINGTON, DC. – Today from 5:30-8pm on the North Side of the White House, WERK for Peace, the Transgender Women of Color Collective (TWOCC) and Empowering the Transgender Community (ETC) are coming together to throw a massive dance protest in response to the Trump Administration rescinding Title IX. We will hold a rally featuring trans youth and POC speakers, followed by a dance celebration of the lives of transgender individuals to assert that #WeAreHere and #TransLivesMatter. 

“A blatant attack on our community will not go ignored or unchallenged. We stand strongly in solidarity with the Transgender community, especially our siblings of color who are systemically marginalized to an even greater extent due to the color of their skin,” says Firas Nasr, Founding Organizer of WERK for Peace. “Today we will come together to send a clear message to the Trump administration that we are unified, we are watching, and we will not allow for bigotry, discrimination, or hate in our country.”

Title IX protects transgender students and requires school districts to respect and affirm the lives of trans youth, including access to appropriate services and facilities. According to Lourdes Hunter, the Executive Director of TWOCC, “Misgendering a trans person is an act of violence, and forcing trans youth to conform with oppressive gender performance and presentation is an act of violence. We must send a firm message to the Trump administration that we are all humans and are all entitled to live unapologetically in our truths.” 

In efforts to create a united front that uplifts, celebrates and affirms the lives of trans youth, we are gathering at the White House to occupy the streets with our bodies and assert and affirm: Trans Lives Matter and Trans Youth Matter. 


Photo: Ted Eytan

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