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Dance Protest Celebrating the Lives of Trans Youth

JOIN US on the North Side of the White House from 5:30- 8 pm for a rally and dance protest celebrating the lives of trans people of color and trans youth. 

The Trump administration has made it clear that the lives of trans youth are disposable by rescinding Title IX transgender guidance issued last year by President Obama.

Title IX protects transgender students and requires school districts to respect and affirm the lives of trans youth including access to appropriate services and facilities. Misgendering a trans person is an act of violence! Forcing trans youth to conform with oppressive gender performance and presentation is an act of violence! 

We must send a firm message to the Trump administration! They do not decide who gets civil rights. We are ALL humans and are all entitled to live unapologetically in our truths!

Any attack on our young people will not be ignored or go unchallenged. NOW MORE THAN EVER, it is up to ALL us to form a united front that uplifts, celebrates and affirms the lives of trans youth. 

In formidable opposition, we will take to the White House to WERK it OUT for our liberation. GET READY TO TWERK, SHAKE AND THROW THAT ASS IN A CIRCLE IN SUPPORT OF OUR TRANS BABIES.

This is an intentionally accessalbe event. If you require specific accomidations, please message us! This event is for everyone.